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Dragon Trek CD!

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Here you can find a track listing for the DTCD (Dragon Trek CD!), as well as a track "walkthrough".

The track walkthrough gives more detailed information about each track, and provides links to lo-fi samples of each track.

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  1. "Dragon Trek Overture"
  2. "Dorian & Zedge"
  3. "This is my Home"
  4. "Fight, my Son!"
  5. "Obelisk"
  6. "Who is Rachel?"
  7. "Stargazing"
  8. "Dark Thoughts"
  9. "The Light of Dusk Brings no Comfort"
  10. "The Village of Canis"
  11. "The Dream Horizon"
  12. "Dragon Statues"
  13. "Long Forgotten"
  14. "Out into the World"
  15. "The Gambler"
  16. "High Stakes"
  17. "Thief"
  18. "Lost in the North"
  19. "A Little Closer to the Stars"
[Back to Top] Track Walkthrough
Track 1: "Dragon Trek Overture"
Concept Art Music Context

Dragon Trek Overture is the title-screen music for Dragon Trek. It incorporates many of the main themes that appear in other pieces of music from Dragon Trek. These include the Angel's Theme, as first conceived in my midi "The Angel's Message".

Time Index 0:00 to 0:05 - Ripples on a pool of water slowly travel outwards.
Time Index 0:05 to 0:07 - The "Dragon Trek" title appears.
Lo-Fi Sample: "Dragon Trek Overture" (24 KBPS MP3, SIZE: X M)

Track 2: "Dorian & Zedge"
Concept Art Music Context

Dorian and Zedge are underlings of Zecarn, the ruler of the Dark Empire. Dorian is a lanky soldier, and relies mostly on his intelligence rather than his physical strength. He has dreams of world conquest, and secretly criticizes the leadership of Zecarn. Zedge is Dorian's sidekick. He is a stout, strong soldier who is none too bright, and for this reason depends on Dorian. While Zecarn maintains order amongst his ranks and treats his subjects with reasonable fairness, Dorian wishes to institute a chaotic and truly evil tyrrany over the land.

The song alternates between Dorian's broodings and chaotic fantasies.
Lo-Fi Sample: "Dorian and Zedge" (24 KBPS MP3, SIZE: X M)

Track 3: "This is my Home"
Concept Art Music Context

A day in the life of William Stoneford, the main character of Dragon Trek. He was born on his parent's farm - an isolated ranch in the middle of Crater Desert. It was built around an oasis that provides the family with water.

It has a warm, homely feeling to it. The typical RPG Town music, but still nice to listen to.

The strings give the feeling of warm sunshine gradually spreading across the farm as the sun rises. The lively rhythm symbolizes William working at his daily tasks.
Lo-Fi Sample: "This is my Home" (24 KBPS MP3, SIZE: X M)

Track 4: "Fight, my Son!"
Concept Art Music Context

William's father teaches William how to fight monsters. This is the battle music throughout the game.

Very upbeat, interesting rhythm. Definitely adrenaline-inspiring.

Lo-Fi Sample: "Fight, my Son!" (24 KBPS MP3, SIZE: X M)

Track 5: "Obelisk"
Concept Art Music Context

This music describes the dark energy surrounding an ancient obelisk of black obsidian. The meaning of the engraved symbols is long lost, however, it still strikes an ominous feeling into one's heart, as if something dark and ancient is watching from a deep slumber.

The obelisk becomes very important toward the end of the game. William first comes across it at the beginning. The obelisk stands at the north end of Crater Desert, overlooking the ocean.

I'm particularly proud of this piece. I knew the feeling I wanted to create, and in my opinion I created it perfectly!

This piece is also known as "The Black Obsidian Spire" because near the end of the game, the obelisk grows into a giant black tower that reaches up into the heavens.

The pizzicato strings symbolize an unseen movement, deep and dark.
Lo-Fi Sample: "Obelisk" (24 KBPS MP3, SIZE: X M)

Track 6: "Who is Rachel?"
Concept Art Music Context

One day while exploring the farm, William notices that there is an extra window on the 2nd floor of his house. He climbs the tree that grows nearby and finds that the window is actually boarded up. He uses a branch to get him close enough to open the glass and push in the boards, and climbs in to find a very dark and dusty room.

As his eyes adjust, he sees that it's clearly a girl's room, with the name Rachel carved into the headboard of the bed.

That evening at the dinner table William asks his parents, "Who is Rachel?"

Lo-Fi Sample: "Who is Rachel?" (24 KBPS MP3, SIZE: X M)

More track info to come...

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If you have a 56KBPS modem or better, you can download this playlist and stream the Lo-Fi MP3s directly from the site!

To do this you'll need a program that can stream MP3's. I recommend Winamp [OFF-SITE LINK], though there are many other programs that can handle streaming just as well.

"Why does the music sound so washed out?" you'll probably ask. This is because these tracks have been reduced in sound quality to reduce file size, and subsequently reduce download time. To hear the full-quality tracks you have to buy the Dragon Trek CD!

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© 2000 Rob Diaz-Marino. All rights reserved.
© 2000 Rob Diaz-Marino. All rights reserved.