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This is where people who have bought the Dragon Trek CD express their opinion about the product.

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Review by: Roko Zaper
Date: July 2000

Once in a while a composer comes along whose music reflects the hardships and hopes of trying to become someone whose music stands out above the rest, Rob Diaz-Marino is this man, a person who has produced something truly new and inspiring despite the odds.

The Dragon Trek CD is an audio compilation album of the best of the Dragon Trek music (handpicked by Rob himself) , it is Rob Diaz-Marino's first effort at producing music to suit an RPG environment and what an incredible effort it is! Although there is no doubt the music has influences of other composers, mainly Nobuo Uematsu, one cannot help but be amazed at the originality and the boldness of each track. It should also be said that the music has many Rock influences in it, this is most noticeable in the background beat as well as in the odd appearance of the electric guitar.

The CD starts with 'Dragon Trek Overture', an interesting mix of the main theme, this piece perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the CD while introducing listeners to the main Dragon Trek theme. The main Dragon Trek theme is found throughout the CD and is always refreshing due to its changed form, 'Long Forgotten' is a perfect example of this. Much of the music on the CD is lively, heroic and fast paced, yet some tracks completely break this trend, most notably 'Dark Thoughts' with its mysterious and dark overtones as well as 'The Light of Dusk Brings no Comfort' which is a darker version of the main Dragon Trek theme. The music also shows some ethnic influences such as in the uplifting 'The Dream Horizon' and 'Out in to the World'. 'Out in to the World' demonstrates just how well Rob can 'carry-on' a melody, this piece of music is touching but never loses rythm, a characteristic that symbolises much of Rob Diaz-Marino's music.

The sound quality is exceptional, although it's no orchestra, the high quality sampled instruments do the job just fine. Some of the instrument choices impress while other just pass, whatever your impression the sound quality is high, especially for this type of CD.

Nearly every track on this CD has become a favorite of mine, but two tracks stand out because of their originality as well as because of the emotional attachment they so strongly convey, the lively 'The Village of Canis' which almost perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a night-time celebration and 'Lost in the North', which is one of the most relaxing pieces I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. The two pieces themselves almost justify Rob-Diaz Marino as a new, groundbreaking talent in composing. It is the originality of the pieces that sets them apart from the more conventional 'This is My Home', which could be described as 'standard RPG fare' if it weren't for Rob's talents. Lastly, it has to be said that the Dragon Trek music is very much 'melody-driven' and yet the emotional impact remains, it is a truly powerful combination...

But what gives this CD the extra emotional attachment is that fact that Rob-Diaz Marino himself invented the concept of 'Dragon Trek' and ultimately it is only he who can make most of the concept he created music-wise. This CD truly marks the start of a new talented composer, if this inspiring beginning is anything to go for, the future looks bright indeed!

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