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Rivers of Time

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[Back to Top] Rivers of Time Overview

Rivers of Time is based on a surreal drawing that I did in Grade 10 art class. The world consists of layer upon layer of floating islands, with rivers flowing between them.

Rivers of Time features some of my original music as well as some of the default RPGMaker2000 music.

Special thanks go to Brian Huisman for creating the item/weapon/armor lists, as well as for proofreading and editing the dialogue.

[Back to Top] Three Paths

Another unique thing about this game is that it has 3 storylines. The order in which you do certain "tasks" near the beginning of the game determines which of the 3 paths you follow. These paths are as follows:

The Path of the Adventurer

This path is the easiest to find and follow. The storyline focuses on strength, courage, and friendship, much like the typical RPG. Although there is a moderate mix of puzzles and decisions, the focus is on defeating your enemies in battle.

The Path of the Judge

This path is somewhat difficult to find, and moderately hard to follow. The storyline focuses on issues of morality and decision. To find this path, you must follow your priorities rather than your impulses. To survive, you must make many choices, but have adequate physical force in case your bad decisions catch up with you!

The Path of the Mind

This path is the hardest to find. Many puzzles seek to bar your way to finding this path. Beware, a single mistake could crush your chances of reaching it. The storyline focuses on puzzles, riddles, and creative thought. Though you still must ward off your enemies with physical strength, you must also use your brain to survive certain obstacles.

[Back to Top] Screen Shots
Screen Shot Description
Screenshot 1 Hometown Well, source of water for all inhabitants of hometown. Main character Cole shown on the left, looking towards the well.
Screenshot 2 Status Screen with character portraits of Cole and Bikau. A vast improvement over the RPG95 menu system!!
Screenshot 3 Cole standing by a pool of water at the Great Basin. Is the water safe to drink?
Screenshot 4 Cole and Bikau in mid battle against a Fishmeier and two Stinger-Bees. I hope they have some antidotes with them!
Screenshot 5 Cole standing in the center of a ring of glowing crystals, deep in a dark cave. Spoookie!
Screenshot 6 Cole heading deeper into the forrest. The dead end is only the beginning.
Screenshot 7 Cole standing on the steps of a mysterious shrine that has no door.
Screenshot 8 Cole standing at the edge of the island, watching the water fall.
Screenshot 9 The top of the Basin Tower. Must be pretty cold there! But well on the way to the path of the mind.

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