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Allow me to put this bluntly. I'm a University student - I have no money to use to advertise my site or get priority raking on 500 odd search engines. And isn't the type of thing you might accidentally stumble upon while playing the ever popular "Does this exist?" game.

I've tried several free services in an attempt to draw attention to my website to little avail. I do believe that there's a much broader target audience out there that would be interested in the things on this site, but I have run out of ideas how to reach them.

Thus, I put the fate of Draggor's Den in your hands. If you have friends or know people who would be interested in the content on this site, please tell them of it's existence! If you know of a strategic messageboard where many RPG-music fans pass through daily, post a message with a link to this site.

If you've enjoyed the content on my page, it's the least you can do.

Thank you!

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