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My Original Music

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These are pieces of music which I've composes for miscellaneous purposes.

Some are for school projects or my small game projects. Others are here simply because I haven't decided on a use for them yet.

[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Happy Birthday"    [1 Bar]
Description: The traditional birthday song, with a twist!
Comments: I composed this for a birthday email I sent a friend of mine.
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Sweet Revenge?"    [4 Bars]
Description: What goes around, comes around.
Comments: A piece of music for an English 30 project based on the villain Iago from William Shakespeare's play Othello.

Special: [AWARD]
Older Versions: Version 1
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Megabash"    [2 Bars]
Description: A quick composition that I did for a smalll programming project.
Comments: I think this one spurred from the background music from the game Worms II.
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Paul"    [1 Bar]
Description: At life's end.
Comments: A composition for English 30 based on Willa Cather's short story "Paul's Case".
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Surface Mission"    [3 Bars]
Description: Entering the atmosphere of an alien planet.
Comments: My first composition for Green Dragon, a space shooter game.
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Evergreen"    [5 Bars]
Description: Decided it was about time for me to use some guitars in my compositions again!
Comments: This one turned out well that I don't know if it would fit in with Dragon Trek, or one of the other game projects. For now, this one's a stand-alone.

Albums: RDM 2000
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