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[Back to Top] Getting Started

Welcome to Draggor's Den. If you are having trouble understanding this webpage's interface, then this is where you can find useful tips that'll get you browsing.

For detailed help, use the links in the black box to the left marked "Help". In this box, select a link that relates to your problem.

Let's take a look at the layout of the basic page. Draggor's Den is arranged in an organized fasion with useful hyperlinks always nearby. The hyperlinked documents form a hierarchy based on common subject matter, making it easier for you to find what you want by narrowing things down.

For instance, say you want to find my MP3 recordings. Since MP3's are music, you would first visit the Music section, where you would then select the "My MP3 Recordings" link.

[Back to Top] Basic Layout

Let's take a look at the typical layout of a page and describe each part:

(1) Section Logo
[Layout Diagram] Draggor's Den is broken down into Sections. All documents within a particular section deal with the same subject matter. For instance, the Music section contains music and information pertaining to music. Each section has a special logo which is displayed here.

(2) Section Title
The current section's title is displayed here so that you always know which section you're in.

(3) Menu Title
The Menu is a box containing links to various pages within a section, as well as some links outside (ie. in other sections or other webpages entirely). The menu title displays the current subsection. If you are at the root page of a section, the Section Title and Menu Title will be the same.

(4) Subsection Links
This is where the organization of hyperlinks can take many forms. Links may simply be listed, or grouped into further subsections, and may direct you to related documents, appropriate locations within the current document, or even related websites. Some links are marked with Special Symbols which warn you of a link's nature.

(5) Related Links
Every page has a list of Related Links which at least contain a link to the main page and this help page. This list may also contain cross-links to related sections, such as music to games. Usually this means that some material within the current section has a connection to material within another.

(6) Subheading
Typically, many subheadings appear in a document to separate different parts.

(7) Subheading Symbol
In the menu there are usually links that jump to each subheading within a document. By clicking on this symbol, you can quickly return to the top of the current page to select another link in the menu.

(8) Subheading Content
This is where the text, images, and other content for a subheading appear.

(9) Back to Top Link
This appears at the bottom of every page. Click on the symbol between the << and >> to quickly jump back to the top of the current document.

(10) Copyright Information
This appears at the very bottom of every page. No further information appears below this point.

[Back to Top] Which version am I using?

Draggor's Den can be viewed in 3 different ways. To determine which version you are currently using, compare the screenshots below with the browser display that you are looking at.

[Full Frames Screenshot] Full Frames Version
The Full Frames Version is for users with frame-enabled browsers and high-speed connections. It provides the Sidebar which helps users jump from section to section without returning to the main page. It also provides the Topbar which is used either for playing music or displaying announcements.
[Part Frames Screenshot] Part Frames Version
The Part Frames Version is for users with frame-enabled browsers and high-speed connections. It provides the Sidebar which helps users jump from section to section without returning to the main page. This version reduces the number of frames from the Full Frames Version.
[No Frames Screenshot] No Frames Version
The No Frames Version is for users with browsers that do not support frames, or with low-speed connections. Navigation is slightly more difficult, as the user must return to the main page to explore a different section.

[Back to Top] Full/Part Frames
Let's take a look at the layout for the Full and Part frames versions of Draggor's Den:
(1) Sidebar
[Frames Layout] The most useful navigation tool for frames users. The sidebar contains links that allow users to jump to any section at any time. This is explored in more detail below.

(2) Sidebar Display
This shows the name of the section whose link you currently have the mouse pointer over in the sidebar.

(3) Main Frame
This is the frame where the page content is displayed. In the No Frames Version the entire browser display is the main frame (Though no actual frames are used).

(4) Topbar (Fullframes Version only)
This frame is used to display announcements or to play music if you wish. The Part Frames Version eliminates this topbar from the display.

Now let's take a look at the main navigation tool for the Full and Part frames versions: the Sidebar. If your browser has Javascript enabled, special symbols should appear in the empty "spokes", and the name of the section should appear in the Description Box.

[Sidebar Layout]
(1) Main Page Link

(2) Music Section Link

(3) CD Section Link

(4) Artwork Section Link

(5) Writing Section Link

(6) Games Section Link

(7) Info Section Link

(8) Links Section Link

(9) Guestbook Section Link

(10) Feedback Section Link

(11) Description Box
When you place the mouse cursor over any of links 1-10, a special symbol for that section appears in the previously empty "spoke". This description box changes to display the name of the section that you will be taken to by clicking on the symbol.
For example, when you place the mouse cursor over link 2, a musical note symbol appears below it, and the Description Box displays the word "Music".

[Back to Top] No Frames

It is slightly more difficult to navigate the No Frames version of Draggor's Den. This is because the sidebar that appears in the Full and Part frames versions is not available, providing quick links to the various sections of this website.

No Frames users must make use of the Related Links provided in the menu for each page. Each page has a Back to Main Page link first in the list of Related Links. From the menu on the main page, you can choose among the sections. Also, if you are in a subsection, a link to the parent page of the section will be provided.

For example, if you are in the My MP3 Recordings section, there will be a link to the main page as well as a link to the music section.

In some cases there are direct links to other sections provided. This occurs when the material in one section relates to material in another section.

The last link in every list of Related Links brings you to this Help page. Once you have finished using this page, you may use the BACK button on your browser to return to where you were, or you may simply use the Back to Main Page link in this page's menu.

[Back to Top] Switching Versions

It is possible to switch between versions of Draggor's Den without returning to the index page of the site.

[Version Switchers]

Version Switchers are clickable buttons that allow you to switch between versions. They appear in the area indicated by the red box in the accompanying diagram.

As a word of warning, if you switch to the No Frames version these buttons will no longer be accessible. You will need to return to the Main Page and find the version switching links at the bottom of the menu there.

The version switching buttons are quite similar to the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons in Windows(R):

SWITCH TO NO-FRAMES Switch to No Frames
SWITCH TO FULL FRAMES Switch to Full Frames

Note that if you're in the Full Frames or Reduced Frames version, the Version Switcher for that version does not appear.

Whenever you switch to a different version, you are brought back to the main page. Unfortunately this side-effect is unavoidable.

[Back to Top] Special Symbols

Here are special symbols used in conjunction with hyperlinks:

[SECTION INCOMPLETE!] Incomplete Section
Hopefully over time these will slowly disappear. These links indicate subsections that I have not completed to date, but that I know I will have. For this reason, there is no point clicking on them, as their destinations do not yet exist.
[OFF-SITE LINK] Off Site Link
These links bring you to locations that are not on the Draggor's Den webpage. For this reason, they are opened in a new browser window so that you can easily return to Draggor's Den by closing or minimizing it. If you do not wish to return to Draggor's Den, simply close its window.

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