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Draggor's Den V5.0


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Welcome to Draggor's Den version 5, a page that combines functionality with a sleek new look!

For those of you who have visited before, I hope you appreciate the improvements from version 4. I've made the sidebars for the frames versions slightly smaller to increase the viewing area of the main frame, as well as souping up the graphics to create a more organized and easy-to-use layout.

For newcomers, I hope you leave with a good impression. And please, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK to let me know that you enjoyed my page. If you're having trouble figuring out how to navigate this page, please click here to view the online help document.

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Links designated as "Home", "Main", or "Draggor's Den" will return you to this main page.


I compose music for video games. The music section is where you can listen to and download my music in MIDI and MP3 format.


You can also purchase my music in CD form. This section is where you can find out what CDs are available and how you can buy them.


In this section, you can view my artwork. This includes drawings and 3D-renderred art.


In this section, you can view my written work. This includes stories, poems, theories and rants.


Here's where you can find out about my computer game projects, and those that I compose music for.


Information about the author of this page and its content.


Links to friends sites and other places on the internet that I like.


Sign and view my guestbook. If you haven't already signed, you'd better do it or I'll hunt you down and thrash you! ;)


My contact information. Drop me a line if you have any additional questions or comments, find page errors etc.

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03/03/2001: -Uploaded Tripod mirror site
-Doing checks to ensure all links work properly here
02/18/2001: -Finally completed Music Awards section
-Working on completing the other missing sections
-Added letters to the spokes in the sidebar to reduce confusion
01/10/2001: -Completed most of the sections that were available in V4
-Uploaded webpage
-Opened webpage to the public
12/29/2000: -Completed HTML for Full-Frames version
-Completed Main page
-Started converting HTML from version 4 to the new format

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  In the event of any form of damage caused by content on this page, Rob Diaz-Marino(AKA Draggor) or any other contributors to this page shall not be held responsible.

If not mentioned, credit goes to the lawful creators of any video game music or content. Should this material violate copyrights, I will respectfully remove it from my site upon request.

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