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Who is Draggor?

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Draggor is the internet alias that I chose for myself when I first began using the internet. I've stuck with that nickname for 3 years, and I don't plan on ever changing it; many people know me more by that name than by my real name, and to change it would cause a great deal of confusion.

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The reason why I chose this name is because it is an original name that I came up with in 1994, three and a half years before I had any contact with the internet whatsoever. I came up with Draggor as the name of a fantasy town where the residents worship the Dragon God. The town of Draggor will appear in my future game Dragon Trek™.

Although I have found a few references to the name Draggor used by other people, my claim to this name is legitimate, and easily backed by proof. I have unofficially copyrighted this name as my intellectual property, and I believe that my claim to it goes back further than most references to it that I've found on the internet. If this is not the case, at least it can be proven that my conception of the name is unrelated to the other claims, and indisputably mine as much as it is theirs.

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As a character, Draggor represents a compliment of myself. Where I rely on intelligence more than on strength, Draggor is the opposite. His form is that of an anthropomorphic dragon. I believe a dragon to be a mixture of the best physical traits of many animals. As a humanoid, Draggor also possesses human intelligence, emotions, and capabilities such as speech and the ability to use tools and weapons; he belongs to a species that I have named Drakotar. As a Drakotarian, Draggor represents my "all around" nature.

Another way in which Draggor is opposite to me is the fact that he is a warrior. Though I myself do sometimes feel the instinctual urge to fight as a result of anger, I never act on such feelings. Draggor is someone who does not fight out of anger or vengeance, but rather out of passion and humbleness.

Draggor is similar to me in his loyalty to companions and his selfless nature. He has a firm but dynamic code of honour and morality.

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