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This section provides links to other sites that I find interesting or useful. So if you're sick of seeing green, check these places out!

And as a note to people listed here, just because I put your link in say the Art section instead of the Friends section doesn't mean that I don't think we're good friends!! It just means that I think people would want to visit your site for your artwork, rather than just for the fact that we know each other! ;P

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Link Title Content Description
The Realm of the CrystalStars Art
Crystalfyre is my very dear friend from Cochrane. Her page is devoted to Sailor Moon stuff. She and her friends from Cochrane have created original sailor moon characters, drawing, etc. She takes drawing requests, and her artwork is absolutely AMAZING!! Some of my music and 3D Renderred art is featured there.
Black Stains Artwork Grimal is an awesome anthro artist who I've gotten to be quite good friends with.
ANGELIC ELYSIUM: DARK EMBRACES Artwork The Homepage of Sonny. He's an amazing japanimation artist. I went to High School with him, and I see him around the university every now and then.
Guardian's Realm Art Guardian creates Flash movies. He's gonna use some of my music in his current series "Conrad's Terror".

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Link Title Content Description
Seth Neuffer's Homepage Music Damn, this guy's a good composer!
Vic Sagerquist Music Another excellent composer!
Rusty Redden's Homepage Music Rusty's a lot like me in that he has no musical training, and composes as a hobby.
RPEG Audio Music Bratz is a fellow midi composer who I've recently befriended. She has some really good original compositions! Definitely visit here!
Aaron Walz's Homepage Music Aaron Walz is a fellow composer, and provided a critical ear for some of my music. His compositions are great!

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Link Title Content Description
NeoPhoenix's Quarters Writing NeoPhoenix is a very good friend of mine that I met over the internet.  His page is about his online character, and a bit about the Defiance team, a branch of the Starfox Internet Community.  Some of my music appears there. Writing
The mysterious realm of GreyWyvern, a good friend of mine. I had a hand in designing the site...kinda. I did some of the images n' stuff, but Brian's really taken off on webpage design himself! Since he met me, he's been composing some of his own original music (you see, I DO rub off on people!).
SoularCoast Homepage:
Matt Deo's band
Music Matt Deo is an Electric Guitar player in SoularCoast. He's also the guy that's done some transcribing and remixes of my music, which are available in my Music section under Works by Fans.
Tony n' Egbert's Homepage Music
Tony is Greywyvern's little bro! He also got started composing his own music because of my influence on him and his big brother Brian.
The Furry Fiction of
Simion Lonewolf
Writing Paul Hinchberger's homepage. He writes really cool stories involving anthro characters. He proofread my story, "Darrock"...did the best he could considering the dead-poor grammar I used while writing it. Even I can't figure out what I was trying to say in some places! ;)
Empire Madora Art
A pretty cool page belonging to Sailor Crystalfury. She's got Sailor Moon stuff, Beast Wars stuff, Shadow Raider's stuff, and a whole lot more. Check it out!
Nitrowave Art Nitrowave is the company of a friend of mine, whose game I'm gonna be composing music for.

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Link Title Content Description
Newreris Writing The server that hosts my site, for which I am eternally greatful! Newreris is the headquarters of Defiance, a band of Starfox fans.
OZ B Coz Host of my redirect domain name, A small company situated in Australia.
MidiTrax Music Homepage of Rick Alexander, host of the Miditrax Mighty Midi Contest.
Midi Music Festival Music Another midi competition, hosted by Ari Kokkonen.

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Link Title Content Description
MusicMatch JukeBox Music The program I use to encode my MP3's and manage my collection. It's a truly excellent program. One of the few things I've actually PAID for registration-wise. ;)
WinZip Excellent file compression utility.
Netscape A great browser, with a few issues that still need to be sorted out. But it's still better than submitting to Bill Gates and Internet Exploiter. ;)
Jasc Software Artwork Makers of Paint Shop Pro, my favourite image editing utility.
Rhinoceros 3D Artwork Makers of Rhinoceros, my 3D renderring program.
Free search engine submission and placement services!

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