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RDM 2000 CD

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Here you can find a track listing for RDM 2000. More information to come!

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  1. "OOTD: Through the Portal"
  2. "OOTD: Intro & the Arrival of Kaltok"
  3. "OOTD: Worldmap Theme"
  4. "OOTD: Strange World"
  5. "OOTD: Lance's Theme"
  6. "The Unicorn Spreads its Wings"
  7. "Dream: Belen Forest"
  8. "Dream: Battle Theme"
  9. "Minotaur Village: Lashan's Theme"
  10. "Dragon Trek: The Carnival Grounds"
  11. "Dragon Trek: Decisive Battle"
  12. "Dragon Trek: Heart of the Creator"
  13. "Dragon Trek: Night in the Forest"
  14. "Evergreen"
  15. "Code Red!"
  16. "Crystal Stars Battle Theme"

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