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Dragon Trek

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This section presents an overview of the significant characters in Dragon Trek. A word of warning, some of these may be spoilers. Another note, the information listed here is tentative, and most likely will change. I'll probably add more detailed descriptions once I have the time to create them. Also, I will be posting drawings done by me or other artists of the characters.

So far my main outside contributor is Crystalfyre, who I'm quite greatful to because her stuff is incredible!!! Visit her webpage, it's the first page listed in my links section!

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Full Name: William Stoneford
Race: Human
Age: 18
Birthplace: Stoneford Farm, Crater Desert Oasis
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown, mostly bleached dark blonde from the sun
Blood Type: O-
Weapon: Blade
Battle Style: Paladin (Warrior w/ simple white magic)
Alignment: White
Natural Resistence: Poison, Earth
Absorbs: Plant
Weakness: Ice
Height: 5'10"

Physical Description:

Medium build, healthy appearance, straight posture.

His hair is parted toward the left, natural haircolor is brown however the sun has bleached most of it a dirty blonde. It's of medium length, always slightly bushy as if the wind has been blowing through it.

His facial features are slightly angular, but still show a down-to-earth gentleness beneath his stubble. His eyes are a deep and vibrant blue, their expressiveness contrasting with his usually blank face.

His hands are tough and caloused - well weathered from his life of farmwork. They have a steely grip, as well as an uncanny dexterity in contrast to their indelicate appearance.

Personality Description:

Very shy and quiet, humble and innocent yet practical and wise in his own right. Is charismatic - outgoing to others in need, caring and comforting in his silent strength. Considerate of others, good at keeping the peace by negotiating compromises. Sometimes unable to express himself fully, leading to misunderstandings despite his good intentions. Is loyal to his friends, but almost too trusting of strangers.


Although he is the axel that holds his party together, and is viewed by most as a pillar of strength, his problem lies in his selflessness and inability to express own emotion. He is unable to open up to even his closest comrades. Because of thisemotional turmoil is invisible to others. They only see the care-free exterior, and look up to him as something of constant strength and composure. Although William wants to open up to others, he can never find the will to say the words when ideal moments arise, and thus never says them at all. Melane is the only one that sees this struggle when she looks into his eyes, and the only one who stands a chance of getting through to him.

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[Baby Draggor]

Full Name: Reijek (Originally named Draggor by William)
Race: Dragon
Age: 1
Birthplace: Dragon's Cave on the Crater Mountain Pass. Hatched on Stoneford Farm.
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: (varies)
Blood Type: ??
Weapon: Claw
Battle Style: Magical Beast (Physical attacks with elemental magic)
Alignment: (varies)
Natural Resistence: (varies)
Absorbs: (varies)
Weakness: (varies)

Physical Description:

Initially: Baby dragon, grey scales, neutral alignment.

Reijek is a customizable character. Near the beginning of the game, it's your job to seek out elemental items to enhance his physical and magical traits and abilities. Also, depending on the type and number of items you find and use on him, his appearance changes in accordance. For instance, if you find only fire items, his skin color will be pure red, he will have high attack and only fire-elemental spells. If all items are found, Reijek becomes a formidable White dragon.

Personality Description:

At first, Reijek cannot talk. William manages to teach him a few words, but Reijek can only speak fluently after returning from the land of the Dragons. Once again, Reijek's personality varies depending on his elemental alignment.


Once he learns that the same man (Dorian) is responsible for killing both his mother and two siblings, he is compelled to seek revenge. His dragon peers are reluctant to accept him as they fear he has been raised to think too much like a human.

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Full Name: Wolfe Triscar
Race: Canisan
Age: 19
Birthplace: The Village of Canis, South Crater Forrest
Eye Color: Yellow
Fur Color: Light/Dark grey
Blood Type: ??
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Battle Style: Ranger (Warrior + basic white/black magic)
Alignment: Green
Natural Resistence: Earth, Ice
Absorbs: Water
Weakness: Fire
Height: 5'11"

Physical Description:

Moderately strong and very agile. Flexible and good at dodging attacks. He has a course ruff of dark grey fur that goes down his back, covers his shoulders, and comes to a point midway down his chest. Otherwise he has clawed fingers and toes, a bushy tail, and light grey fur all over the rest of his body. He has the head of a Wolf, as all canisans do. His facial features make him appear cocky, though his eyes express a sadness and longing not apparent by his personality. He has 3 elongated claw-scars on the right side of his chest.

Personality Description:

Amongst his friends he's wild and funny, a great practical joker, and always looking to keep smiles on everyone's face. He is outgoing, but oddly more docile around strangers, giving them the impression that he is shy and quiet - much like William. His trust is somewhat difficult to earn, but past that he is a loyal and trustworthy companion.


Wolfe's father was a rogue canisan who stopped to live in Canis to court a young female - Wolfe's mother. Wolfe was four years old when his father grew sick of staying put in one place. There was a conflict between him and Wolfe's mother. Wolfe tried to defend her, and was struck down by his father's claws. These are the three scars that he bears across the right side of his chest, and emblem of his pain. He uses red war-paint to mark the same symbol on his cheekbone, and on the back of his left hand. His mother left to follow his father, and never returned. He was taken in by the chief of Canis who raised Wolfe as a son. He is fated to be chief someday once he proves himself able.

[Back to Top] Crystalfyre


Full Name: Crystal Drachenclau
Race: Human
Age: 17
Birthplace: Town of Draggor
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black w/ red bangs
Blood Type: AB+
Weapon: Staff/Jewel
Battle Style: Sorceress (Weak physical attacks but advanced attack magic)
Alignment: Red
Natural Resistence: Fire, Lightning
Absorbs: Wind
Weakness: Earth
Height: 5'8"

Physical Description:

Slender and sexy. Her facial features are enhanced by her dark makeup. Her eyes are big and shine with a natural beauty. She has long black hair except for two red bangs on either side. She gains the ability to call on the power of the dragon, and is marked with two dragon's wings on her back. She can make these disappear and reappear at will.

Personality Description:

Very spunky and prone to playing mind games. Enjoys flirting but is not that serious. She simply enjoys seeing guys strut their stuff to try and win her heart. She secretly has a crush on William, however. She admires his simplicity and innocence, the fact that he doesn't need to show off for his good qualities to shine through. William rescues her in Draggor, and she trusts him deeply.


Indeed, she is a woman that men would go to war over. She has possessed such striking beauty all her life, and she enjoys using it as a weapon to teach men a lesson. She began studying to be a sorceress as a way to protect herself, as she has had a few rough relationships. Also, it shows people that she is not merely a pretty face, but that she has a good mind and plenty of magical talent. Her secret motive for joining the party is to be with William, as he is one of the first eligible men that treats her like a person. In fact this becomes a problem later on as she realizes that he treats her as a close friend, but nothing more. Her jealousy grows as William begins to have feelings for Melane. But what can she do to win William back?

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(No description yet)

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Full Name: Taru of Gansfield
Race: Minotaur
Age: 25
Birthplace: Gansfield Township
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Yellow
Blood Type: ??
Weapon: Club/Axe
Battle Style: Gladiator (Warrior w/ special attack techniques, little to no magic)
Alignment: Green
Natural Resistence: Ice, Fire
Absorbs: Earth
Weakness: Lightning
Height: 6'2"

Physical Description:

Taru has blue skin, a bovine face, bushy yellow eyebrows, a tuft of hair under his lower lip, and long sharp horns with metal tips projecting from the sides of his head. He has humanoid feet and legs, but a bovine tail. He is extremely strong; his body is heavyset in its framework and bulky in build. Taru has low agility as a result. Also, he has buzz-cut-short hair atop his head, and a golden earring in his left ear.

Personality Description:

Taru is none too bright. He is a bit chauvenistic, and quite a pig in the way he behaves. He prides himself on his strong, macho appearance. He has a bad, almost redneck attitude. Most of the time he is angry or obnoxious - seldom if ever seen happy or sad. But all this will change...



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(No description yet)

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Full Name: Melane Turan
Race: Human
Age: 21
Birthplace: Town of Draggor
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Blood Type: B+
Weapon: Blade/Flail
Battle Style: High Paladin (Some physical attack techniques, advanced white magic)
Alignment: Yellow
Natural Resistence: Water, Wind
Absorbs: Light, Lightning
Weakness: Poison
Height: 5'9"

Physical Description:

At first glance Melane appears to be a rather fragile creature, looking almost ridiculous in her armor and bearing a weapon. A fatal misconception for any who try to exploit her for this apparent weakness. Her willowy arms possess uncanny strength for their size, allowing her to bear swords and sabres with ease. Her facial features are angular but delicate. Her long, unbound hair is a pale blonde to match her fair complexion. Her eyes are a pale blue, and glisten with every passing emotion.

Personality Description:

Melane has a mild, if not idealistic personality. Though she possesses enough of a deep intelligence to command the powers of advanced white magic, she tends to follow her heart over and above reason. This leaves a charmingly naive, if not ditzy impression on others. Her discipline requires a deep religiousness and faith in good in order to draw necessary holy power. She has a powerful and well defined set of morals by which she lives and she cannot help buy try to impose these on others; Sometimes this quality can be almost nauseatingly annoying.


All her life, Melane has secretly believed that she is the saviour of which the prophecy spoke. When she meets William and his party, she feels that her destiny is with them. However, as events unfold she begins to realize that she cannot possibly be the saviour. She comes to gradually comes to accept this fact, but feels confused and lost, unsure of her destiny and purpose. She finds solace by helping William deal with his long-kempt sorrow, and comes to the realization that she has feelings for him.

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(No description yet)

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(No description yet)

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