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I'm majoring in Computer Science at the University of Calgary with the hopes of one day being a computer game programmer. As you've probably seen from my music, art, and writing sections, my ideas come in many forms. Computer Games combine audial, visual, and textual art into a single form of entertainment. This is what I hope to achieve with my work.

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Dragon Trek™ is my most significant game project. When I first became interested in computer programming at the end of Elementary, I used colored text in GWBASIC to attempt to create this game. Naturally, such a game would never sell, never mind one with a cliche plotline by an 11 year-old. So I threw the project out and started anew. While I was incapable of programming the game, I could still plan the content. So over the past 7 years, the new Dragon Trek™ has taken shape.

The new cast of main characters features an equal proportion of human and anthro(animal-like) characters. Though the storyline maintains some of the basic elements of the old idea, it weaves them seamlessly into an intricate plot that delves into the creation of life in the universe and the fate of our planet earth. It incorporates some typical elements from console Role Playing Games, morals, and even some subject matter from my dreams. Although this planning stage is not complete, I can honestly say that Dragon Trek™ will make you think twice about life as we know it.

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To ensure the quality of Dragon Trek, I naturally don't want to make it my first attempt at an extended game project. Thus I've come up with these other smaller game titles which I intend to complete before I even think about starting on Dragon Trek. This will give me the practice and experience that I need.

The first project is Green Dragon™. This is your typical space shooter except with tons of neat ways to upgrade your ship, and many interesting and challenging missions.

The next project is Covert War™. This one plays like a role-playing game in a futuristic time. The characters go on covert missions to quell the exploits of a rebel faction that has developed a devastating new weapon. It will be in your control to split up the team and have individual members do different things. Battles will be Final Fantasy style, with cool high-tech weapons and "spells".

Rivers of Time is just a fun side-project using RPGMaker2000. It's an interesting idea, but if I do decide to make it into a proper game, it'll have to wait till after Dragon Trek.

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