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Writing is a skill I practice a lot less often. However, I do spend a lot of time contemplating life and the universe, analyzing people and places. Indeed I have a lot to say, but little time to say it. Thus I'll probably fill my theories and rants sections before anything of substance is put into the short stories and poetry sections.

The dreams section is something rather unique. This is where I describe recent and interesting dreams that I've experienced. The mind works in mysterious ways, and there are many things within ourselves that we can learn from. I record my dreams so that the experience isn't entirely lost.

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Title Description
Darrok I wrote this in grade 10. The grammar stinks, but the story is pretty neat.

Synopsis: A teenager by the name of Firok, and a mysterious dragon-creature arrive in Colrah, a city far in the north. Their mission is to prevent Connuk, an evil sorceror, from summoning the Dark Dragon, the bringer of chaos and death.

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Title Description
The Observer Grade 11, free verse. Scary how the same problems continue to haunt me...
The Best one to Have Grade 11, free verse. Describing the incident when I was first diagnosed with diabetes.
Caged Grade 11, free verse. Poem about my anger at my lack of privacy at home.
Like Father, like Son Grade 11, free verse. Statement about a potentially dangerous cycle...
Missy Grade 11, rhyming. Poem about my cat Missy...ack! It's too cute!! Yuck yuck yuck... :)
Wolves Grade 11, rhyming. Written about the same time as the Missy poem above.
The Rock Grade 10, free verse. Can you guess who the rock was?
The Good Student Grade 9, free verse. Statement about the pressures on an 'A' student.

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