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3D renderring programs, aside from being valuable design tools, can also be a lot of fun. I use a program called Rhinoceros, which I picked up for a reasonable price at a second-hand software store. It doesn't have as many features as 3D Studio Max, but it's incredibly easy to use, and quite powerful.

The official webpage for Rhino is[OFF-SITE LINK]. You can download a time-limmited sample version there if you'd like to try it out.

Thumbnail: Title: Description:
Sand Spider My first 3D renderred monster for Dragon Trek.
Green Dragon Title Screen(V1) The old title screen for Green Dragon. Since then, I redid the ship design...
Green Dragon II ...and isn't she a beauty now? Muuuch more streamline.
Taru 3D A render of Taru in 3D...I need to redesign the body though, because it takes way too long to process all the shapes.
Wires A close up view of the little wired things that appeared in the frames version of Draggor's Den V4. That glowing cylendar is supposed to be a holographic generator...but who cares what it is, it looks cool. ;)
Covert War Cursor This is a close-up image of the cursor from a game project that I'm working on. You can download the windows cursor in the Themes section.
Weird 1 Just fooling around... (animation)
Weird 2 Kindof an Hourglass design. (animation)
Weird 3 Taking it to the extreme...definately weird, man! And check out this trippy seamless texture made from that image!
Heart 3D Just showing off to Crystalfyre what I can do in 5 minutes with my 3D program. The lens flare was added in afterwards using PaintShop Pro 7 Beta.
Gearclock This is a close-up image of the gearclock from a Rivers of Time (See game section). You can download the animated windows cursor.

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