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These are images that were hand-drawn. Some have color and effects added using Paint Shop Pro, but these are very few.

Click on an image thumbnail to view it full-size. Once you have finished, use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

All pictures and characters are © 2000 Rob Diaz-Marino. Please do not alter or distribute. If you'd like to show these to someone, direct them to my website.

Thank you!

Thumbnail: Title: Description:
Bring It On Giant minotaur with bulgey veins.
Draggor1 An old drawing of Draggor. This was used with the title for Draggor's Den V2.
Draggor2 Another old drawing of Draggor. Also used with the title for Draggor's Den V2.
Draggor Crouching Another old drawing of Draggor. This was used with the welcome message for Draggor's Den V2.
Draggor Sitting A drawing of Draggor sitting comfortably, gazing off into the distance.
Draggor Talking Another old drawing of Draggor. This was used with the welcome message for Draggor's Den V1.
Dragon Trek Logo 1 A possible logo for Dragon Trek.
Grant: Full Body The full body drawing of Grant, a character from Dragon Trek.
Grant: Full Body Color Same as above, except colored.
Reijek Another character from Dragon Trek.
Taru A very old drawing of another character from Dragon Trek. My drawing style has improved quite a bit since then...
Taru 2 ...see what I mean? This is Taru in his "You're going down" gesture.
Werewolf A five-minute sketch of an anthro wolf.
Wolfe An old close-up sketch of Wolfe, from Dragon Trek.
Wolfe Posing Wolfe does a pose for the camera.
Draggor Fighting Draggor ready to fight.
Draggor Pissed That's pissed-angry, not pissed-drunk! ;)
Draggor Casting a Spell Draggor levitates as he summons magical forces.
Wolfe Standing Wolfe, doing a cute shrug while standing. I think this picture really captures his intended personality. Friendly and easygoing, but still a hint of sadness in his eyes.
Couch Potatoe A really old drawing that I finally got around to scanning. Kinda funny...a fat bear with a TV remote.
Stripe Cat Another old one. Nothing special, just an anthro-cat.
Shape Shifter I don't know what the hell inspired me to draw's cracked-out!
Dorian A sketch of Dorian, a villain from Dragon Trek.
Zedge A sketch of Zedge, Dorian's sidekick.
Reijek Again A newer drawing of Reijek from Dragon Trek. I still don't think I've perfected my drawing style for this character yet.
Taru's Portrait Close-up portrait of Taru.
Prince Leonis A secondary character from Dragon Trek. I think the shading on this one turned out very well!
Covert War: Taru Full-Body character shot for Taru the Mechanic, from Covert War (see games section).
Covert War: Draggor Full-Body character shot for Draggor the Scientist, from Covert War (see games section).
Wolfe Resting [NEW!] Picture of Wolfe from Dragon Trek, reclining on the grass while talking to someone.
Draggor Close-up [NEW!] Okay, this is more Draggor my online character than Draggor from a game. Man, I have too many versions!! ;)
Draggor Close-up (Color) [NEW!] Colored using Paint Shop Pro 7. Turned out really well. I ought to do this more often!

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© 2000 Rob Diaz-Marino. All rights reserved.