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This is artwork that others have asked me to do for them. Many of these characters and objects are not mine - they are the intellectual property of those who made the request. These are simply my renditions of their ideas.

Thumbnail: Title: Description:
Dragon Staff Animation Crystalfyre's Dragon Staff weapon. (animation)
Transformation Bracelet Crystalfyre's Transformation Bracelet. (animation)
This ain't no Teddybear A drawing for Greg Sinclair's game, Ruler of Ronark.
Air Wand One of 4 Henshin wands for EarthCircle. (animation)
Earth Wand One of 4 Henshin wands for EarthCircle. (animation)
Fire Wand One of 4 Henshin wands for EarthCircle. (animation)
Water Wand One of 4 Henshin wands for EarthCircle. (animation)
Coru Stave Close-up Sailor Anime's intricate stave-weapon.
Coru Stave Animated Sailor Anime's stave-weapon rotating. (animation)
NeoPhoenix's Energen Blade Drawing request from NeoPhoenix.
Mas Character sketch request by Black Sabbeth.

[Back to Top] Jokes

These are clever and humorous ideas brought to life.

Thumbnail: Title: Description:
The Canadian Keyboard Well, I'm sure us Canadians will get it.

[Back to Top] Fan Art

These are drawings of my characters done by other artists.

Thumbnail: Title: Description:
Draggor by Grimal A drawing of my character, Draggor, done by Grimal. I have his link in my links section.
Draggor by Matt Deo A drawing of Draggor done by Matt Deo. I have his link in my links section too.
Wolfe by Iltrev An old drawing of Wolfe done by Iltrev.
Melane-Faerie, by Tony A sketch of Melane as a faerie, by Tony Huisman. Very nice!
Melane by Crystalfyre An INCREDIBLE drawing of Melane from Dragon Trek. Awesome job...*gasp* I'm still breathless!
Crystalfyre by Crystalfyre Oh man, two SUPERB drawings for me in one day...I think I'm gonna get all emotional... *sniff* Wow!!!
William by Crystalfyre Crystalfyre's on a roll! I'm so impressed at how she's bringing my characters to life, though at the same time, she's putting my artwork to SHAME!! I don't mind though! ;)
William by Crystalfyre *grins stupidly* Gosh. She tells me she draws too fast and colors too slow. ;P
Baby Draggor by Crystalfyre Awwwwwww! He's soooo cuuuuuuute! And man, my Dragon Trek characters section is looking more and more complete by the day!
Wolfe by Crystalfyre Wow, great job! Wolfe's always been one of my favorite characters.

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