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Rivers of Time

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[Back to Top] Rivers of Time Demo V3.1

Rivers of time is created using RPGMaker2000, and relies on many of the default sounds and images that come with this program. If you don't have RPGMaker2000 installed on your system, you must at least download and install the RTP Package found on the RPGMaker2000 [OFF-SITE LINK] homepage.

Also, if you do not have a zip-utility then please download and install WinZip [OFF-SITE LINK] .

[Back to Top] Install Instructions
  1. Download the Rivers of Time Demo (2.1 Megs)
  2. Unzip to a temporary directory.
  3. In the temporary directory, run Setup.exe.

    NOTE:The setup program is in Japanese, and most likely the text will appear garbled. Don't panic, just continue following these instructions.

  4. Choose the directory where you want to install the Rivers of Time Demo files.

    NOTE: The installation program will automatically create a folder named RIVERS in whichever folder you choose to install to.

  5. Click on the Left Button to install.
  6. Click on OK.

    The setup process is now complete.

  7. Find the RPG_RT.EXE file in the directory you installed to.
  8. Double-click to run.

    The demo should now begin.

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