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Welcome to the most complete collection of FF7 midi's on the net! How can I be sure that it's the most complete on the net? Because you can't get any more complete than having every single one! Almost all of these FF7 midis are the originals from the PC version. Special thanks go to NeoPhoenix for supplying me with them all.

All of these midis were composed by Nobuo Uematsu, the talented person who has been composing music for the Final Fantasy series right from the start. I take no credit for sequencing any of these.

[Back to Top] Titles A-C
Song Title Description
1st Place Won a chocobo race!
Aeris's Theme Aeris Gainsborough.
Ahead on our way The lazy town theme.
Anxious Heart ...
Assault on Midgar One of my favorite FF7 songs.
Barret's Theme Barret Wallace.
Battle Theme 1 Normal battles.
Battle Theme 2 Boss battles.
Bizarro Sephiroth First battle with Sephiroth at the end.
Cait Sith's Theme Very catchy!
Chasing the Black Caped Man Trying to catch up with Sephiroth.
Chocobo Battle I don't know how it got the name "Electric de Chocobo".
Chocobo OverWorld Riding a chocobo.
Chocobo Racing Place your bets.
Chocobo Ranch Breeding your Chocobos.
Cid's Theme Cid Highwind, foul mouth first class.
City of the Ancients Aeris is gone!
Comical Approaching the stage at the Gold Saucer.
Cosmo Canyon The buggy broke down.
Costa Del Sol Ahhh...nothing but the beach, the ocean, and the sun.

[Back to Top] Titles D-I
Song Title Description
Date with Aeris Date at the Gold Saucer
Don Cornero Ding ding ding!
FF7 Theme As if you haven't hear it about 100 times already.
Fiddle De Chocobo The chocobo races.
Flowers Blooming in the Church Aeris, the flower girl.
Fortress of the Condor The Condor battle theme!
Game Over  :( You died.
Gold Saucer Annoying theme park.
Gold Saucer Show Kill the dragon...kiss the dragon, don't make no dif.
Good Night Until Tomorrow Resting at an inn.
Great Warrior Seto, Red XIII's father.
Highwind Cid's airship.
Highwind Intro Rescuing Tifa.
Holding my Thoughts in my Heart Leaving Midgar.
HoneyBee Manor - Mog House Those cute little moogles...they multiply like rabbits!
Hurry! My other favorite tune!
Hurry Faster The Gold Saucer arena.
Icicle Inn God it's cold up north!
If You Open your Heart Shera and Cid make up.

[Back to Top] Titles J-O
Song Title Description
Jenova How many times do you have to kill her!?
Jenova SYNTHESIS Final battle with Jenova.
Judgement Day Descending the North Cave.
Life Stream Bugenhagen's Planetarium
Lurking in the Darkness In the train tunnels.
Mako Reactor Draining the life from the planet.
Mark of the Traitor Corel city, Barret's old town.
Materia Mountain Yuffie's a thief!
Mining Town Barret's flashback to the old Corel.
Motorcycle Chase The COOLEST part of the game!
Northern Cave Se....phi......roth!
On that Day Five Years Ago Cloud tells his story in Calm.
On the Edge of Despair Cloud is comatose.
On the Other Side of the Mountain The day Tifa's Mother died.
One Winged Angel The awesome final battle theme, minus the Choir.  But I'll be adding that in soon enough.
Opening Pretty much the same as Assault on Midgar, just that the beginning is different.
Oppressed People The Wall Market theme.
Overworld Theme Adventuring.
Overworld Theme 2 Cloud remembers everything.

[Back to Top] Titles P-T
Song Title Description
Parachuting into Midgar Stopping Hojo from firing the cannon.
Parochial Town Boneville and Midiee.
Red XIII's Theme Red XIII, genetic experiment?
Rufus's Death President Rufus meets his maker.
Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony Welcoming Rufus to Junon harbor.
Sad Cid Theme Cid gave up his dreams of space to save Shera.
Sandy Badlands The sun is too bright...
Sephiroth's Theme Beware!
Shin-ra President Shin-ra, "King Vermin"
Shin-ra Tower Don't these stairs ever end?!
Shin-ra's Army Climbing the "Shiny Gold Wire"
Short Fanfare Cloud shows off his gun-twirl.
Sister Ray That's one BIG F@#%ing gun!!
Staff Roll The ending credits.
Temple of the Ancients The black materia.
The Boat I love this song!!
The Countdown Begins Outer Space awaits!
The Reunion The Jenova Convention... ( :) )
Those Chosen by The Planet Sephiroth's theme.
Tifa's Theme Tifa Lockheart.
Tiny Bronco Take off.
Trail of Blood Very creepy...
Turk's Theme The infamous Turks.

[Back to Top] Titles U-Z
Song Title Description
Underneath the Rotting Pizza Midgar.
UnderWater World In the submarine.
Victory Fanfare Another glorious battle!
Vincent's Theme Vincent Valentine, the Vampire.
Walz De Chocobo Chocobos are soooo cute!
WEAPON ...It''s coming!
Who Am I? Cloud tries to remember.
Who Are You? "Where the f@%#'s it's head?"
World Crisis The Ending.
Wutai Yuffie's hometown.
You Lost Lost a chocobo race.
Yuffie's Theme Yuffie Kisaragi.

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