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Video Game Music

Video Game Music

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These are midis that I have sequenced from the popular game Final Fantasy 8. The original versions of these songs were composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Keep in mind that these take a lot of work, so please don't use or distribute these without my permission. They are here for your personal listening only.

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Song Title Rating* Description
Man with the Machine Gun Laguna's really cool battle theme.  Unfortunately, I had to improvise for a few of the instruments, but it still sounds great!
Mods de Chocobo Really sounds like the original...except for the ooohs. But that's your sound card's fault anyway! ;)
Only a Plank between one and Perdition Who the hell came up with the name for this one anyway??
The Mission This one turned out pretty well. The hardest part were the short-strings.
Silence and Motion Hahaha! My friend thought this one would be impossible to sequence as a midi!
The Stage is Set The hardest part was doing the strings!
Shuffle or Boogie Card Game Music!!! Hmmm...the twang was kinda hard to immitate though.

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