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I have sequenced these midis from various video games. These things take a lot of work to do, so please do not use or distribute them without my permission. I take no credit for composing these, only for sequencing them into midis.

All music is copyright their corresponding companies. These are for your personal listening only, so please do not distribute.

[Back to Top] Final Fantasy 2(US)
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI FF2 Redwings Remix
MP3 FF2 Redwings Remix (2.17 M)
Very similar to the original except for the beginning and ending.

[Back to Top] Final Fantasy 3(US)
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Battle
MIDI Battle 1/2 Speed
It's alright...more accurate than what I've heard elsewhere. The slow version is pretty cool too.
MIDI Mt. Koltz Mountain area music.

[Back to Top] Final Fantasy 5
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Title Theme Music played at the title screen.
MIDI Overworld Theme 1 The first overworld theme.
MIDI Hurry! Every Final Fantasy has one! A Hurry theme! It didn't turn out too well though. :(
MIDI Library Beware! The books bite!
MIDI Gilgamesh Gilgamesh's Theme. This one's awesome!

[Back to Top] Final Fantasy 9
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Zidane's Theme For some reason, this piece really appeals to me. It sets up a clock rhythm at one point, and then suddenly it becomes irregular as if time is dancing along with the music.

[Back to Top] Megaman 3
Song Title Rating* Description
MP3 Boss Remix (1.81 M) By special request from NeoPhoenix, a cool techno-ish remix!

[Back to Top] Chrono Trigger
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Ayla's Theme I heard such a pathetic rendition of this somewhere that I just HAD to set the record straight!
MIDI Junk Yard One of my earlier MIDI sequences. Kinda cool - not too far off from the original.
MIDI Underwater Fortress Again, heard a bad version of this one where they had the simplest melody screwed up. Take THIS!

[Back to Top] Illusion of Gaia
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Town Theme I sequenced this piece because for some reason my dad is crazy about it. It's quite nice!

[Back to Top] Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Lexis Shaia's Theme The theme of the Inventor Lexis Shaia. Kinda cute...reminds me of all the machines that must have blown up. ;)

[Back to Top] Soul Blazer
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Worldmap Theme The worldmap music - simple but nice.

[Back to Top] Secret of Mana
Song Title Rating* Description
MIDI Waterfall Playful waterfall music from the beginning of the game. Watch your step!

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