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[Back to Top] Music Requests

These are pieces of music which people have requested that I create.

While some people ask that I create an original piece of music for their use, others ask that I sequence a copy or remix by listening to an existing piece of music.

Credit goes to the original composers of the pieces of music that I sequence or remix.

[Back to Top] Original Requests
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Crystal Scouts"    [3 Bars]
Description: The Crystal Scouts Theme.
Comments: A short composition for Crystalfyre's Sailor Moon homepage. She and her friends have created their own team of characters called the Crystalstars, and now they have their own theme song!
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Crystal Stars Battle Theme"    [5 Bars]
Description: Crystal Stars transformation and battle theme.
Comments: Another composition for Crystalfyre. This one turned out quite well!

Albums: RDM 2000
Special: [MP3]
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "CyberKnight Vipereon's Theme"    [4 Bars]
Description: Very ominous and suspenseful. A character theme for Cyber Knight Vipereon.
Comments: In case there's any doubt...that's supposed to be thunder and lightning in the background. Unfortunately, it's not too evident on some people's sound cards. This one actually makes me think of grave raiders in the graveyard on a stormy night...they hear a sound from the darkness...and they get what they deserve.
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Fanna McCloud"    [3 Bars]
Description: A character theme for Fanna McCloud.
Comments: Very Rock 'n Roll-ish.
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "PyroElectric"    [2 Bars]
Description: A composition for the Pyroelectric Software Webpage.
Comments: Kinda cool. This was done at the request of my friend Gary.
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Senshi of the Storm"    [3 Bars]
Description: A group theme for the Senshi of the Storm.
Comments: Requested by Lady Ameratsu. This one took me forever to finally get around to. SORRY!

[Back to Top] Remix Requests
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Mara Phoenix Battle Theme"    [3 Bars]
Description: My friend NeoPhoenix gave me the original theme and asked me to "Battlefy" it.
Comments: For a long time, I had no clue where the original was from, but Laura Evans wrote in to say: "It's from Sailor Moon. 5th sesaon. (Sailor Moon Sailor Star) It's the Sailor Star Light tranfromation theme.!!! ^_^"

Alternate Versions: Original
[LISTEN] [MIDI] "Undertaker"    [4 Bars]
Description: Simion Lonewolf gave me an MP2 of this music, and asked me to sequence it as a midi for his webpage.
Comments: Original version is the Undertaker's theme from WWF wrestling.

[Back to Top] Request Policy

For those who are thinking about making a request, and those who have requested songs in the past, these are the legal terms that you should know about in conjunction with song ownership.

Remix Requests

Because these will most likely be remixes of copyright material, I cannot charge for remix requests. However, it is at my discression to accept or reject a remix request if I am too busy or the music leaves me uninspired.

You must provide me with the original song with full credit information, ie. Title, Author, etc. This may be in MIDI, MP3, or any other common digital form in full sound-quality.

Once finished, the piece of music must be displayed with credit to the original author as well as credit to me and a link to this webpage. Ownership lies with the original author and me. If you wish to use a remix on public display (webpage etc.), you are in effect borrowing a work. It in no way belongs to you unless you are the original author.

Original Music Requests

As a means to deter an overwhelming influx of requests, I've begun charging for all original MIDIs with a few exceptions (close friends, work exchange, etc.). This narrows it down to those who actually need, or really want a piece of original music, not simply those who think it would be "neat" to have one.

I charge a flat fee of $10 CAN* for a request, however, please E-mail me and await further instructions before sending any money; I may still be too busy to handle new requests. This fee covers the time and effort put into the piece. You'll get a MIDI and an MP3 of the finished product. But this fee does not grant you full ownership. Though the piece was created for you, I still retain all rights over the piece of music. If you wish to have full ownership of a piece, I charge a higher fee based on the duration and complexity of the piece - no less than $50 CAN* though, and no more than $250 CAN*. Remember, you're buying a piece of my soul here!

* These fees are subject to change

In order to create an appropriate piece of music, I need input on what it's for, how you'd like it to sound, etc. If you can give concept art or writing, that helps a lot too. It's kinda like giving a bloodhound the right scent. ;)

If you're still interested in making an original music request, E-Mail me and we'll work something out.

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